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50 Famous Quotes For Sep 27 2010

Posted on: September 27, 2010

50 Famous Quotes For Sep 27 2010

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Admiral. That part of a warship which does the talking while the figurehead does the thinking. Ambrose Bierce
People who insist on telling their dreams are among the terrors of the breakfast table. Max Beerbohm
Proving yourself in a field where the casualty rate is so notoriously high is an ongoing challenge. Richard E Grant
Oh, well, my first love is comedy or singing and dancing. Dick Van Dyke
The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes ah, that is where the art resides. Artur Schnabel
Give the enemy not only a road for flight, but also a means of defending it. Thomas Hardy
Two cheers for Democracy; one because it admits variety, and two because it permits criticism. E M Forster
If you travel first class, you think first class and you are more likely to play first class. Ray Floyd
Liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as well as by the abuses of power. James Madison
Man is the only kind of varmint sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it. John Steinbeck
If you value a man’s regard, strive with him. As to liking, you like your newspaper – and despise it. Andre Maurois
Anybody who’s ever had the privilege of seeing me play knows that I am the greatest pitcher in the world. Dizzy Dean
We don’t need that on the national level. Dennis Moore
People only see what they are prepared to see. Ralph Waldo Emerson
I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. Florence Nightingale
I always conceive a piece as a different set of challenges. John Corigliano
I have three sisters and I’ve always wanted a brother, so I was really interested in that notion. Ryan Phillippe
How ridiculous I was as a Marionette! And how happy I am, now that I have become a real boy! Carlo Collodi
My next record I really just want it to be a collection of great songs, classic songs in a way. Marc Almond
Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it. Karolina Kurkova
People always like things that seem exotic. Jane Birkin
Like a great poet, Nature knows how to produce the greatest effects with the most limited means. Heinrich Heine
We now need to look beyond our immediate future and aim higher and farther. Paul Biya
I’m just trying to make a buck like everyone else. Tom Waits
We hope the world will act in the spirit of enlightened self-interest. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
I’m heartened by the growing awareness of global warming among important communities and organizations in our nation. Jim Clyburn
To innovate is not to reform. Edmund Burke
Being pretty crazy while being chased by the National Enquirer is not good. The British tabloids were the worst. Margot Kidder
Love is more than one thing. Ziggy Marley
Mainstream media tend to just mouth the conventional wisdom, to see everything through the filter of right and left. Arianna Huffington
Face your fears and doubts, and new worlds will open to you. Robert Kiyosaki
Beauty is merciless. You do not look at it, it looks at you and does not forgive. Nikos Kazantzakis
But mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant, of the arts and is touched by the same madness and genius. Marston Morse
A vision of truth which does not call upon us to get out of our armchair – why, this is the desideratum of mankind. John Jay Chapman
When we discover that the truth is already in us, we are all at once our original selves. Dogen
I used to think that driving, sleepless, ambitious labor was what you needed to succeed. Charles Kuralt
I am not a black artist, I am an artist. Jean Michel Basquiat
Well, first I have to make the team, of course. Carly Patterson
Existence precedes and rules essence. Jean Paul Sartre
Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows. Michael Landon
We have persistant objects, they’re called files. Ken Thompson
Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love. Virgil
Marriage requires a special talent, like acting. Monogamy requires genius. Warren Beatty
I’ve been a rock star since you were very young. But I’ve never encountered anything as powerful as cancer. Melissa Etheridge
I want affection and tenderness desperately, but there’s something in me that prevents me from handing it out. Ethel Waters
I don’t want to be in Terminator. I don’t want to go to Hollywood. Eric Cantona
Politics, as the word is commonly understood, are nothing but corruptions. Jonathan Swift
Age does not make us childish, as some say; it finds us true children. James Anthony Froude
It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Eleanor Roosevelt
The armored cars of dreams, contrived to let us do so many a dangerous thing. Elizabeth Bishop

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